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Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation


Ministry of Health has designated Leprosy Control Division (LCD) as the disability focal unit related to health in 30th Chaitra 2071. Coordination among various organizations working in disability sector is necessary to mainstream the leprosy issues on disability movement.

After the Nepal Earthquake 2015, an Injury Rehab Sub-Cluster was formed under Health Emergency Operation Centre(HEOC), Ministry of Health(MoH). So far, LCD has conducted Injury Trauma Management Training in 14 Earthquake affected districts in district levels and community level for medical professionals, health workers and FCHVs in co-ordination with partners.

In between, the LCD and disability partners have extensively worked together to provide inputs on the health related National Policy for the Plan of Action on Disability (NPPAD) which is in the process of approval by Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (MoWCSW). As NPPAD is in its approval process, MoH has approved Policy, Strategy and 10 Years Action Plan on Disability Management (Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation) on 30th Chaitra 2073.


Early case detection, management and disability prevention 

·         Prevention of disease transmission and disability through early case detection and treatment, post exposure prophylaxis;

·         Improve access to prompt and complete treatment including complication and reaction management;

·         Increase awareness about leprosy in the community; reduce stigma and discrimination due to leprosy;

·         Increase access leprosy services to unreached people/high risk populations.

·         Prevention, early detection and enhancing access to health related rehabilitation services for all kind of disabilities ;

·         Increase awareness about all types of disability through the community collaboration with existing service providers;

·         Reduce stigma and discrimination in collaboration with other ministries;

Community based rehabilitation

  • Promote community activities focused on the health component of WHO CBR strategy, including health promotion, prevention, medical care, rehabilitation and assistive devices supply for people with disability including leprosy.
  • Ensure the coordination with the other components of the CBR Strategy for sustainability and empowerment purposes based on the convention of the rights of people with disability.


  • Advocacy, awareness and IEC/BCC; involve people with disabilities including leprosy in policies and plans;
  • Collaboration with national and district stakeholders for public awareness activities.


  • Case validation and data verification; follow-up the complications after release from treatment;
  • Client satisfaction study; operational studies, Programme review and meetings.
  • Ensure monitoring and evaluation of disability management and rehabilitation services at all levels.


  • Training and continued medical education to various categories of service providers on health promotion
  • Disability prevention, impairment detection, medical and community based rehabilitation services for people with disability including leprosy.


Focal Person: Mahesh Kumar Puri

Designation: TB Leprosy Officer

Contact: 01- 4248535

Mobile: 9848056407

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.