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About Us

Leprosy Control Division is one of the divisions of Department of Health Services which is responsible for planning and implementation of leprosy control programs. It also ensures technical support related to Leprosy control is provided to regional health directorates and district health offices. The division further ensures availability of drugs at all treatment points.


Further reduce the burden of leprosy and to break channel of transmission of leprosy from person to persons by providing quality services to all the affected community. Finally to make leprosy free Nepal & leprosy free World.


  • To sustain elimination of leprosy (Prevalence Rate below 1 per 10,000 population) and further reduce disease burden.
  • To reduce disability due to leprosy.
  • To provide high quality service for all persons affected by leprosy through integrated set-up.
  • To eliminate stigma /discrimination against persons and families affected by leprosy.

Strategy: 2011-2015

  • Early case detection and complete treatment
  • Provide quality services through integrated health services & capacity building of Health personnel
  • Prevention of deformity and impairment due to Leprosy
  • Rehabilitation-Community-based (CBR) & MCBR
  • Reduce stigma and discrimination
  • Strengthen referral centers for complications management
  • Meaningful involvement of people affected by leprosy in leprosy programs,
  • Supportive supervision, monitoring and evaluation & on-site coaching
  • Operational research and studies
  • Partnership–PPP, Medical College & Participation of Local bodies